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Cavo HDMI ad altissime prestazioni | Lunghezza cavo: 10 metri - Cavo USATO - ottime condizioni

Prezzo di Listino: 322,00 €
Prezzo (IVA inc.): 120,00 €
Sconto applicato: -202,00 €

Cavo HDMI ad altissime prestazioni - Ultra High Speed Data con Ethernet


For those who demand the best in high definition home theater - now in the future Ultimate pictures and sound from larger HDTVs, advanced projectors and high definition AV sources. Monster's highest speed HDMI cable for the sharpest picture, deepest colour and smooth video.

Monster® Patented Technologies and Construction for the Highest Level of High Definition.

Monster Ultra-High Speed 1200HDEX ensures everything you like to watch in high definition has maximum realism, maximum impact. Movies are just like the director intended. Sports and live shows are just like you're there. Games are just what you expect—larger than life. With a bandwidth of greater than 15.8 Gbps*, no high definition experience is too demanding. 1200HDEX is your connection to the best in HD picture and sound, now and in the future.

Monster Speed Rated HDMI 

Rapid advancement in today's high definition components demand even higher speed HDMI cables so you get the best possible HD picture and sound. Monster Speed Rated HDMI Cables offer the widest selection of performance, at the widest range of prices, so you have the widest selection of HDMI cable to choose from, for now and into the future. All performance levels verified by Simplay Labs.

Monster Lifetime Cable Upgrade 

As digital sources and displays continue to improve, the bandwidth requirements of the cable will increase. If the equipment you purchase in the future ever surpasses the bandwidth of this Monster Cable, Monster will upgrade your cable.


- Monster 1200HDEX Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable
Lunghezza: 10 metri
3D Compliant
Ultra-high speed rated
Lunga vita del cavo garantita
- Rivestimento in 
Duraflex® Hex Mesh: Extreme temperatures and flex tested to withstand over 4,000 bends
Heavy Duty Strain Relief Collar: For maximum durability and conductor protection
24K Gold Contacts: Tested to withstand 10,000 insertions to ensure signal integrity
Triplo schermo ad alta densità: protegge contro rumore da radiofrequenza fino a 1 Ghz

- Il cavo è USATO